12 Abandoned Places In Idaho That Nature Is Reclaiming

Whether by Mother Nature herself or by the rusty, natural processes that come with the passage of Father Time, Idaho is home to a number of historical places and abandoned structures that have become stunning vintage relics even in their disrepair. Slowly but surely, nature weaves its way into the cracks and crevices of aging bricks, concrete, and wood panels, and before you know it, all that remains is the debris of what once was. Yet even amidst the rubble and rust, these homages to histories recent and long gone still retain their proud, Idahoan beauty. There’s no doubting the intriguing allure of abandoned places in Idaho.

Local photographers with a passion for history and the interaction between the natural and man-made capture these haunting scenes of architecture returning to its natural roots, while local communities like Abandoned Idaho compile these images for appreciative viewers. These photos and locales are just a taste of Idaho’s past made even more picturesque in its decay. Enjoy!

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