A Visit To Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park Is A Magical Wintertime Experience

Crater Lake is one of Oregon’s most treasured gems. At 1,949 feet, it’s the deepest lake in the entire country, and its azure blue color is due to it purity – the lake isn’t fed by any rivers, and gets all its water from snow melt and rain. Crater Lake is incredibly busy during the summer, but winter months are a lot more quiet. On a clear day, the lake is absolutely stunning! Here’s why you should pay a visit to this national park in Oregon during the wintertime:


Visit the Crater Lake National Park website to learn more about the park, and get the latest updates on weather conditions and closures. If you love this lake like we do, you’ll also want to follow the park’s Facebook page to see more stunning photos and learn about every facet of this special place.

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Address: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, US




January 09, 2022

What are some other things to do when I visit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon?

Crater Lake is easily one of the most wondrous places on the planet –  and it’s right here in The Beaver State. Crater Lake’s endless, cerulean blue waters never fail to take our breath away, and it’s truly a place to revisit time and time again. Full of abundant beauty, Crater Lake is particularly ravishing at night, when the moon and stars take the stage. With little in the way of light pollution, the stargazing at Crater Lake is exceptional — an only-in-Oregon adventure you must add to your bucket list!

Where should I stay when visiting this national park in Oregon?

If the thought of waking up to a pristine pool of blue sounds absolutely dreamy, book a night (or two) at Crater Lake Lodge. Built in 1915, Crater Lake Lodge (also listed on the National Register of Historic Place) is located along the southwest rim, 1,000 feet above Crater Lake. Not only is this lodge incredibly winsome, it also offers guests a front-row seat to the most dazzling views of Crater Lake!

What are some fun hikes to take at Crater Lake?

Hiking is an ideal way to explore the magnificent landscape of Crater Lake National Park — all 183,224 acres. From short, accessible trails to longer, backcountry treks, there are some pretty amazing hikes you can do in the park. Clocking in at an easy (and flat) four miles, Discovery Point Trail is one of the most accessible and popular hikes in the park. It begins at the west end of Rim Village, where the paved path turns into a dirt trail that leads to an amazing overlook.

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