Hike This Ancient Forest In Wyoming That’s Home To 55-Million-Year-Old Trees

When Woody Guthrie sang of the redwood forests, he was almost definitely thinking of the mighty trees of California that stand tall against the subtropical forest that surrounds them near the coast — but you know, there is a small chance he was talking about our very own Cowboy State. Have you ever wondered, “Are there redwoods at Yellowstone?” The answer is, yes, although what you’ll find today is only a remnant of what once was a towering collection of redwoods in Wyoming. You can explore what’s left of them today in the Dry Creek Petrified Forest of Yellowstone, which is home to 55 million-year-old trees.

You can read more about the Petrified Forest on the Yellowstone website. Both the Petrified Tree and Petrified Forest can be found near the Tower Junction Ranger Station. If you love learning about Wyoming’s history, check out the fascinating and tragic history of this famous Wyoming dam.

Yellowstone really is a stunning place to explore. Fall in love with the scenery and grandeur of this iconic national park when you watch the aerial footage below:

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