How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Your first ski or snowboarding trip is going to be exciting, but it should also involve some preparation and smart packing choices. Here are some useful tips how to prepare for a ski trip, that I have discovered myself during my snowboarding trips to Italy. These might make your trip even better than it’s already going to be.

So, you have chosen your ski resort and booked a nice accommodation next to it. What’s next?

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Getting in Shape before a ski trip

Snowboarding or skiing trips will require quite a lot of energy and will leave your muscles sore. This is probably something you can’t avoid. The better physical shape you’ll have, the longer you’ll be able to last on the slopes and enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t require any specific training to prepare for a ski trip. If you have a mountain near you, it’s good to ride couple of times before going the high mountains. Also do any kind of regular physical activities couple of months before the trip like jogging, gym, cycling or anything similar that you prefer. That will get your endurance levels up and you will thank yourself once on the mountain.

Of course while skiing or snowboarding you will choose your own amount of time that you are able to spend on slopes. But it’s always nice to prove yourself that you can do more that expected.

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Tune up your skis or snowboard

If you are bringing your own skis or board to the trip, make sure to have it tuned up. It’s important to do so to be safe on the mountains.

I suggest to have your gear tuned up before you arrive at your skin trip destination as prices there tends to be higher compare to service shops away from skiing destinations. However if you don’t have such option around you, don’t worry as your destination will definitely have such service provided.

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Plan on What to Wear

Ski resorts are places where people usually wear laid back clothes. It’s acceptable to do so boring the day and also for dinner in a restaurant. You should not wear your skiing pants to dinner however don’t also worry about bringing fancy, uncomfortable outfits that you’d wear to the club or a party back home.

You will feel much more better after a day in mountains in comfy jeans and shirt, fluffy sweater or sweats. Keep in mind that temperatures do change a lot during a day and night in mountain resorts, so make sure to have more layers of clothing available. That’s valid while being on the mountain and also off.

Remember to bring also comfortable boots that you can use for walking in the snow. Sure you’ll have you ski or snowboard boots on for most of the time, but once you’re off the mountain, have some comfortable and warm footwear for a free time

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Make a proper packing list

This is one of the essential steps in order to prepare for a ski trip well. It’s really important to bring the right things for the time on the slopes and time outside the slopes.

Divide your packing list in sections and start listing items in each of those few days before actual packing. That way you have a chance to remember some things that you might forget at first and you’ll still have a chance to add them. It’s much better than remember something once your are already few days in your trip.

The list sections that I make for myself are:

Clothing and things for the snowboarding/ skiing. This part should include clothing and footwear that you will use on the mountain. It also includes such things as ski goggles, helmet, a hat, gloves, face mask or a scarf.

Clothing to use off the mountains. This includes daily and dinner outfits and footwear, nightgown, swimwear and slippers.

Toiletries. This part includes everything starting from face and body products, lotions, hair shampoos, toothbrush, sunscreen to make up, medicine and any kind of other products you’d need.

Important things and gadgets. This includes passport, boarding pass, cash, credit cards, wallet, headphones, phone, charger, tablet, selfie stick and things like that. Also don’t forget a camera or a drone for some epic mountain shots.

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Avoid altitude sickness

In order to prepare for a ski trip well and not to ruin it at the very beginning, getting used to high altitude is essential. When you get to the mountain, it’s important to let yourself to get accustomed to the altitude. If you get too high too quickly, it can cause a headache, sickness and just lower your good spirits and physical abilities in general.

To avoid that let yourself get used to a certain level of height. Don’t go straight to the very top of the mountain. First go up to the middle. Spend some time there. Ski down from there and only then go up higher. If you will make your way up to a high altitude gradually, you will feel much better then if you rush it.

Tune up your skis or snowboard

Relax your muscles after a ski day

Once finished a great day on the slopes your muscles might start to feel sore. And even more and more sore after few days. Usually hotels in ski resorts offers hot tubs and saunas. Make sure to use them as it’s a perfect way how to relax and get all the stiffness out.

Ask in the hotel or google other spa options available in the area. I’m sure you will find a nice warm outdoor pool or hot tub where you can sit, get relaxed and watch mountains and slopes where you were on the same day. That’s a perfect way how to reward yourself and just chill after a long day.

Oh…Just make sure to pack your swimwear!!!

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