The Awesome Hike In Colorado Straight To An Abandoned Castle

Do you enjoy hiking around beautiful Colorado? What kind of question is that — of course you do! If you are a native Coloradan, there is a good chance that you have experienced most every beautiful hike the state has to offer, right? Well, if you have yet to hike this gorgeous trail that comes complete with stunning castle ruins, you have yet to really experience everything the Centennial State has to offer:

Tucked away near the iconic Red Rocks Park in Morrison lies the must-visit Mount Falcon Castle Trail; a nearly 8-mile out-and-back trail that loops through not only some of the area’s most beautiful wildflowers and lush valleys, but also past picturesque castle ruins. Just what are these castle-like ruins and why are they there? Built by Colorado visionary and inventor John Brisben Walker, the castle within Mount Falcon was built with the intent to serve as President Woodrow Wilson’s summer home, but sadly fell through due to the lack-of-funds brought on by World War I. Today, the stone foundation of this potential masterpiece can still be seen whilst hiking along the moderate (and highly recommended) Mount Falcon Castle Trail.

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