The Mammoth Cave Is The Largest Volcanic Cave In The World And It’s Right Here In Idaho

One of Idaho’s best-kept secrets is the fact that we’re secretly home to some of the greatest wonders in the country, if not the entire world. From the largest river gorge in North America to a waterfall that’s higher than Niagara Falls, it’s a little-known fact just how amazing the Gem State is. For instance, few people realize the largest volcanic cave in the world is hiding in middle-of-nowhere Idaho. Known as the Mammoth Cave, this awe-inspiring natural wonder is a must for any adventurer.

Have you seen the largest volcanic cave in the world? It’s hard to believe more people don’t know just how impressive this cave is! Check out our list of The 7 Most Incredible Natural Wonders In Idaho for more stunning destinations to add to your bucket list.


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