The Most Remote State Park In Colorado Is The Perfect Place To Escape

John Martin Reservoir State Park in Colorado is lovely and it’s the perfect place to escape. This off-the-beaten-path state park is the only one of Colorado’s 42 state parks that’s in the southeastern part of the state, and as a result, many people miss it. Halfway between La Junta and Lamar, this park is near some towns, but most visitors will find it to be rather remote. Still, there’s plenty to do at this park, and you’ll surely love visiting it. I stumbled upon it when visiting Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site; I enjoyed the reservoir, the birds, and the plentiful campsites.

John Martin Reservoir State Park is a wonderful place to get away from it all, while still having plenty to do and enjoy. Plan a visit to it soon – you’ll see why this park is so popular with locals!

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