The World’s Largest Art Gallery Is Located In A Utah Canyon

Utah is home to some of the most remarkable natural wonders in the country, including canyons, hoodoos, arches, and mountains. One of the most fascinating places to visit, though, is a natural wonder that has been touched by human hands. Ninemile Canyon, in eastern Utah, is known as the world’s largest art gallery, thanks to tens of thousands of prehistoric petroglyphs and pictographs that adorn its rocky red walls.

To learn more about the Ute people who lived in Utah and still reside in much of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, visit their tribe’s website, here.

You can find maps and more information about traveling into Ninemile Canyon on the Bureau of Land Management website, here.

Address: Nine Mile Canyon Road, Nine Mile Canyon Rd, Utah, USA

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