These 4 Videos Of Wildlife In Alaska Are Too Cool Not To Share

These four videos capture some awesome footage of wildlife in Alaska. The people filming these short clips were lucky enough to see this action in real life. It would be so cool to see some of this stuff, but hey…only in Alaska!! Luckily they were able to share these wildlife videos in Alaska for all of us to see. The things you may see in Alaska are astounding, and we’re not just talking about the wildlife in Alaska. This state is filled with jaw dropping natural wonders: glaciers, mountains, and stunning landscapes.  All the natural beauty of Alaska will wow you.


Wildlife in Alaska can get a little rowdy. Which of these is your favorite? Let us know! Do you have a wildlife video in Alaska that you think is better? Drop the link in the comments below!

And if you’d like a chance to see some Alaskan wildlife for yourself, check out these 11 spots throughout our state.

Address: Alaska, USA


June 03, 2020

What kind of wildlife will you find in Alaska?

Alaska is popular for its astounding array of wildlife. Due to the size of the state and the differences in terrain and geography, you’ll find animals of all shapes and sizes. In the southeastern part of the state you’ll be inundated with coastal creatures like whales, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, hundreds of species of birds, and many other marine mammals among a wide array of marine life. On land you’ll find a huge selection of bears, including the Grizzly, the black bear, and the blue bear. The interior of the state is filled with moose, black and brown bear, wolves, Dahl sheep, and more. The northern part of the state is most famous for their polar bear, and you can also spot the snowy owl, caribou, and many tiny tundra creatures.

What is the most dangerous animal you’ll find in Alaska?

Although you would think that the imposing Grizzly or polar bear would be the most dangerous animal in Alaska, it is in fact the moose that holds the number one spot. While normally less dangerous than bears in terms of aggressive behavior, the sheer number of moose in Alaska outnumber bears by 3 to 1. And because moose are especially aggressive towards dogs, the incidence of moose attacks through trampling are high, and wound between 5-10 people in the state annually.


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