8 Bucket-List-Worthy Trails At Montana’s Glacier National Park

The Crown Jewel of the Continent is certainly one for your bucket list, so you may as well explore it. And the good news is, Glacier National Park itself is open all year round, and you can visit anytime. One of our favorite things to do when we pay a visit to this national park is Montana is hike. The hiking in Glacier National Park is absolutely extraordinary; there’s really nowhere else in the country quite like it! Below are some of our favorite trails in Glacier National Park, all of which belong on  your Montana hiking bucket list!

Glacier National Park is so incredible, and we highly recommend planning to visit this amazing national park in Montana sometime soon! Curious to learn more about this wondrous place in the Treasure State? Here are 10 things you may not have heard about Glacier National Park.

Address: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Address: Twin Falls, Montana 59434, USA
Address: Aster Falls, Glacier National Park, East Glacier Park Village, MT 59434, USA
Address: Hidden Lake Overlook, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA
Address: Grinnell Lake, Montana 59417, USA
Address: Highline Trail, Montana 59936, USA
Address: Piegan Pass Trail, Montana 59417, USA
Address: Boulder Pass Trail, Montana, USA
Address: Virginia Falls, Montana 59417, USA


January 30, 2022

Is Glacier National Park the only national park to visit in Montana?

The Treasure State is, pardon our pun, a treasure trove of natural wonders — so no, Glacier is *not* the only national park in Montana! In total, there are seven national parks in Montana, including national park service sites. Glacier is one of the most popular, as is Yellowstone, which is perhaps the *most* well-known park in the state. You can read more about the adventures available on the Montana side of Yellowstone National Park here.

Where are some places to stay when I visit Glacier National Park?

The Crown Jewel of the Continent is certainly one for your bucket list, so you may as well explore it. Many prefer to camp at this national park in Montana, but if you’d rather not, you’ve still got plenty of nearby lodging options. These are a few of our favorites accommodations when planning a trip to visit Glacier National Park — take a look, and plan to visit this incredible national park in Montana soon!

source onlyinyourstate.com

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