8 Small Towns In Oregon That Are Full Of Charm And Perfect For A Weekend Escape

Oregon’s larger cities may get most of the spotlight, but The Beaver State’s small towns are nothing short of wonderful. All across the state, there are some downright delightful little locales that really exemplify peak Oregon living: beautiful scenery, world-class recreation, small-town vibes, amazing restaurants, and some of the best shopping in Oregon, too. Whether it’s a charming coastal city, small mountain municipality, wine country province, or a little locale in the state’s rugged outback, Oregon has some of the most winsome small towns in the PNW. Here are eight small towns that are just perfect for a weekend escape — and some of the best small town shopping in Oregon, too!

Tell us: what are your favorite small towns in the Beaver State? Your picks for the best small town shopping in Oregon? Do you live in any of these places? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And if you’d like to nominate your own small town to be featured in an upcoming Only In Oregon article, please nominate it and tell us why it’s such a special place!



September 12, 2022

What are some other little locales known for amazing small town shopping in Oregon?

Cannon Beach is arguably the most well-known spot on the Oregon Coast, famed for its stunning shores and iconic rock formations. But Cannon Beach isn’t just one of the Beaver State’s most beautiful beaches, it’s also an idyllic seaside town that’s home to some of the most charming little shops and local businesses in the PNW. We’re talking about a coastal locale that’s straight out of a Hallmark movie, with weather-worn buildings housing some of the most amazing little restaurants, retailers, and accommodations. For those with a sweet tooth, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen is a perennial favorite, with its pink-and-white striped shop welcoming folks since 1963, while Cannon Beach Hardware and Public House is a quirky little spot that’s got a bit of everything: hardware, wines, and even pub grub. And when looking for accommodations in Cannon Beach, the Stephanie Inn is known for having the best views in town!

Another small town in Oregon with a superlative shopping scene is Bend. While not as small as some of the others on this list, Bend has a vibrant downtown district that offers everything from waterfront dining and amazing parks to adorable bookstores and locally-owned shops! Oh, and did we mention that Bend is also home to the last remaining Blockbuster in the entire world?!?

source onlyinyourstate.com

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