9 Enchanting Spots In Oregon You Never Knew Existed

Everyone knows about the beautiful Crater Lake, the epic Multnomah Falls, and the magnificent Mt. Hood. Oregon is full of outstanding natural beauty, and has so much to offer when it comes to jaw-dropping scenery and unforgettable day trips. But there are lots of under-the-radar treasures here in the Beaver State, too, and today we’re sharing some of our favorites. Here are nine hidden places in Oregon that will dazzle and delight, sure to fuel your wanderlust and provide inspiration for future adventures!

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Address: Lost Lake, Oregon 97014, USA
Address: Toketee Falls, OR 97447, USA
Address: Wahclella Falls, Oregon, USA
Address: Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon, USA
Address: Angels Rest, Oregon 97019, USA
Address: Ramona Falls, Oregon 97041, USA
Address: Pillars of Rome, Old Ion Hwy, Jordan Valley, OR 97910, USA
Address: Natural Bridges, Brookings, OR 97415, USA
Address: Opal Creek, Oregon, USA


August 12, 2021

What are some hidden gems in Oregon?

If visiting the above hidden places in Oregon fueled your appetite for more adventures, you’ll definitely want to check out this hidden gems road trip. Some must-visit secret spots include: the Oregon Vortex, a place where the laws of physics have been turned upside down, where nothing is as it seems, and even the most basic reality – things you take for granted, like gravity – are absent; Prehistoric Gardens, a dino-mite adventure in Port Orford; and the Historic Carousel & Museum, a whirlin’ good time in Albany!

Are there many natural wonders in Oregon?

In a word: yes. Oregon is one great, big, wondrous state, and we have some of the best natural wonders in the country, in fact! With towering mountains, sweeping coastlines, old-growth forests, and dazzling lakes, Oregon is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Many of our natural wonders can be visited for free! Here are eight incredible natural wonders in Oregon that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and need to be on your bucket list.

What are some other hidden places in Oregon?

If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path adventures, you’ll find lots of those in the Beaver State. This list has 11 underrated spots that even life-long Oregonians may not be aware of; some hidden gems on the list include Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor, the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House in Eugene, and Richardson’s Rock Ranch in Madras.

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