Best Stanley, Idaho, Hot Springs

Stanley, Idaho, Hot Springs

4 of the Best Stanley, Idaho, Hot Springs and Others in the Sawtooth Mountains

During your vacation at Redfish Lake Lodge, you need to find some time to relax amongst all your adventures. One of our favorite ways to do so is to soak in one of the Sawtooth Mountains or Stanley, Idaho, hot springs. Imagine laying in the warm water as your worries wash away! It’s one of the best ways to refresh and rejuvenate during your stay while still immersing yourself in nature.

After you plan a visit to one of these Stanley, Idaho, hot springs, plan the rest of your trip! Our area is filled with countless other wonderful attractions. For a complete list of handpicked, local recommendations, take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide. This valuable resource has helped so many travelers plan unforgettable trips to Idaho, so get a copy today!

4 of the Best Stanley, Idaho, Hot Springs and Others in the Sawtooth Mountains

Challis Hot Springs

A visit to the Challis Hot Springs will be well worth the hour and a half drive; you will leave feeling completely relaxed. There are two thermal pools here: the Large Pool and the Therapy Pool. The Large Pool is regulated to 00-102 degrees Fahrenheit for comfortable swimming. The Therapy Pool is unregulated; it is usually anywhere from 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors over the age of 18 can get a day pass for just $10!


Kirkham Hot Springs

The Kirkham Hot Springs are absolutely breathtaking. Travel down the staircase next to the Payette River to reach these soaking pools surrounded by waterfalls. Let the warm water soak over you as you relax under these natural showers! Each geothermal pool here varies in temperature, so we recommend sticking a toe in to test which one you’d like to enjoy.

Sunbeam Hot Springs

The Sunbeam Hot Springs are user-created pools with gravel and sand bottoms. Rocks have been piled around the spring source to trap warm waters for soaking and splashing around. This is one of the most interesting Stanley, Idaho, hot springs because it is on the site of a historic bathhouse. While you are not able to enter the bathhouse, many appreciate the reminder of the past.

The Boat Box

The Boat Box is one of the most unique Stanley, Idaho, hot springs! There is both a wooden soaking tub that can be used year-round and rock-walled seasonal pools next to the river. The soaking tub is a favorite because you can adjust the temperature. Put the stopper in the tub, then let it fill with hot water. If it’s too hot, you can use the accompanying bucket to cool it down with river water!

Continue to Relax at Redfish Lake Lodge

lakeAfter you have enjoyed some Stanley, Idaho, hot springs, come back and continue to relax at Redfish Lake Lodge. Enjoy the breathtaking sights from a pontoon boat on Redfish Lake or opt for a quiet night in your cozy accommodations. Once you are fully rejuvenated, more adventures are right at your fingertips. Gorgeous views, lake access, hiking trails, horseback riding, and more await. It’s time to book your stay today!

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