Scenic drive Sun Valley to Stanley

Sun Valley to Stanley

Why You Need to Make the Scenic Drive from Sun Valley to Stanley

As you venture from Sun Valley to Stanley, you’ll experience how incredible our mountainous region truly is. Highway 75 is one of the most magnificent stretches of highway in the Midwest. On this scenic stretch, you’ll be surrounded by the Sawtooth National Forest and the breathtaking Sawtooth Mountains. Whether you have itinerary in mind or you just want drive and appreciate the beauty of our landscape, this 1-hour journey will be an outstanding addition to your family vacation!

Before planning your Sun Valley to Stanley, Idaho, trip, request 24-hour access to our free Online Vacation Guide! You’ll find our top recommendations for local restaurants, stunning beaches, and outdoor adventures. Our guide also features the rustic cabins and on-site amenities at Redfish Lake Lodge!

Things to See on Your Journey from Sun Valley to Stanley

With an array of wonderful activities to enjoy in Central Idaho, you’re sure to make the most of your time with us. On your trip from Sun Valley to Stanley, read over our local insights and find out everything you’ll see on this exciting expedition.


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