Climb Tree Root Stairs And Ogle Magnificent Old-Growth Giants On This Fairy Tale Trail In Astoria, Oregon

Nestled in a forest on the Oregon Coast, untold treasures sit hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered and admired. The Cathedral Tree is one such special treasure. Standing some 200 feet tall and estimated to be 300-years-old, this Sitka spruce is Mother Nature’s most marvelous roadside attraction; a natural wonder waiting at the end of a short-and-sweet, 1.6-mile hike. Come and traverse the forests of the North Oregon Coast on an immensely scenic trail that unfolds like a real-life fairy tale.

Have you wandered along this fairy tale trail in Oregon before? Come and traverse the forests of the North Coast on the Cathedral Tree Trail, a fairy tale trail in Oregon that leads to a 300 year-old giant.

Looking for another impressive monolith in the North Oregon Coast? The nearby Octopus Tree might just be our favorite “roadside attraction” in Oregon!

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