Have A Rustic Slumber Party At This Cozy Wilderness Retreat In Montana

Hotel stays certainly have their time and place, but Montana has so many out-of-the-box vacation rentals that it’s usually worth it to venture off the beaten path when it comes to your accommodations. If you’re traveling to Gallatin County anytime soon, spend a couple of nights at this cozy wilderness retreat just outside of Bozeman. It’s secluded enough to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere but you’ll be close to all kinds of adventures. Book your stay here and have one of the best getaways in Montana.

Ready to enjoy this cozy space? Having a slumber party at this retreat seems like one of the best getaways in Montana. Learn more about it and book your stay on VRBO.

Looking for peace and quiet? Check out some of the best small towns in Montana where you can find just that.

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