National Geographic Just Named These Two Alaska Trails The Best In The World

National Geographic asked renowned travel writers from all over the world where they would take their dream hike. It’s no surprise that the raw beauty and protected wilderness of Alaska made the list… twice. These are two of the most picturesque hikes in the world, according to the experts. The author and environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams chose to follow a caribou herd on their long migration across the arctic. Survivalist Bear Grylls chose the Solomon Gulch Trail in Valdez. These two hiking adventures are very different, very far apart, and feature epic views of the Alaskan wild.

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Trekking through the tundra above the Arctic Circle is a dream come true for some, but will probably remain a dream for most. For an easier place to get, you can head to Valdez, accessible by the road system or by the Alaska Marine Highway.

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