Stare At The Beauty Of Palouse Falls, Washington’s Official State Waterfall

Niagara Falls is one of the country’s most iconic waterfalls, and it’s definitely the most popular one in New York. But here in Washington, we actually have a few waterfalls that are taller in height, like Snoqualmie Falls — and as of 2014, we have an “official” state waterfall, the majestic Palouse Falls. The official state waterfall of Washington is absolutely breathtaking.

Palouse Falls State Park is full of astonishing views and the official state waterfall of Washington. What are your favorite state parks in Washington?

This waterfall is definitely a spectacular sight. But if multiple waterfalls is more your style, you can always spend a weekend enjoying our waterfalls road trip.

Address: Palouse Falls, Washington 99143, USA


December 20, 2019

What are the best waterfalls in Washington?

Spirit Falls is a little-known waterfall that everyone in the state must experience. The bright blue cascade thunders into White Salmon River, and it’s a popular place for kayakers. Madison Creek Falls is another fantastic waterfall in Washington. This unique waterfall is located near the Elwha River.

What are the best state parks in Washington?

There are so many stunning state parks in Washington. Mount Spokane State Park is one of the best. With 13,919 acres of natural attractions, it’s also one of the biggest! Visitors come here year-round to experience its miraculous hiking trails and sweeping views. Moran State Park is another fantastic nature destination. When you go, be sure to visit the observation tower at the top of Mount Constitution. The panoramic views will sweep you off your feet. To learn more about the best state parks in Washington, read our article here.

What are the best waterfall hikes in Washington?

Mount Rainier National Park is home to some spectacular waterfall hikes in Washington. A breezy .01 mile walk will lead you to Narada Falls. This two-tiered cascade is a sight to behold. You won’t want to walk away from it — the views are that captivating. Also in Mount Rainier National Park is a hike to Myrtle Falls. This stroll is only about a half mile long, and the views are tremendous. Bring the kiddos and introduce them to Washington’s awe-inspiring beauty. To learn more about the best waterfall hikes in Washington, read our article here.

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