Here are 14 reasons why you should fish during fall

Cool weather makes conditions prime for trout fishing and more

For many Idahoans, feeling cool morning air and seeing hints of red and gold in the forest means it’s time to lace up the boots and grab a gun or bow for hunting season, but don’t overlook fall fishing. That cool weather means many fish are re-energized after their summer slumbers and ready to eat like bears fattening up for winter.

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Fall fishing may be overshadowed by Idaho’s hunting season, but it’s not an either/or proposition. Idaho is famous for its “cast and blast” opportunities, and if you’re not a hunter, it’s also a great time to experience your favorite fishing spots when there are likely fewer people there.

Most rivers are also running low and more easily accessible than during high water, and anglers shouldn’t overlook lakes and reservoirs, either. While some are near their lowest water level of the year and may be sporting extra vegetation, cooler water means the fish become more active, and they’ve probably gained a few inches or ounces since spring.

Fish and Game’s fish stocking crews also return to many local ponds and other nearby waters that become too warm for trout during summer. It’s a great opportunity to squeeze in some fishing time without traveling far from home.


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Ten Essentials for Your Next Fishing Trip

A solo angler on a sport fishing boat in the ocean.

There’s nothing worse than getting on the water for a day of fishing, opening the cooler and… You forgot ice or drinks. Maybe your fishing license is back at home in your sock drawer. In the rush to go fishing, we often forget the stuff we need to fish. Or maybe that’s just me. More than once I’ve blasted out of the house and gotten halfway to the spot before realizing the rods were still in the garage. To be more prepared, and help absent-minded old-timers, 100-miles-per-hour millennials, and new fishermen who don’t know a crank bait from a dipsey diver, we’ve created a list of the 10 must-have essentials for any kind of fishing. They’re listed here in order of importance.

⦁ Jerky, any animal will do. It’s important to have your priorities straight. To fish without jerky is like rock climbing without a rope. It can be done, but at what cost? Here’s a pro tip: Fill your glove box with as many jerky packs as possible. Then you likely won’t run out for at least a couple of days. An added benefit: No police officer will give you a speeding ticket if 19 packs of pepper jack spill to the floor when you reach for your registration. Just saying…

⦁ Rods and reels. These are also important for fishing. If you’re prone to forgetfulness, make a point to go over your rods and reels the night before. Make sure they’re clean. Check the knots and swivels, then tie on whatever lure you want to throw first the next morning. This way, there’s way less thinking needed before go-time.

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