How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Your first ski or snowboarding trip is going to be exciting, but it should also involve some preparation and smart packing choices. Here are some useful tips how to prepare for a ski trip, that I have discovered myself during my snowboarding trips to Italy. These might make your trip even better than it’s already going to be.

So, you have chosen your ski resort and booked a nice accommodation next to it. What’s next?

How to Prepare for a Ski Trip

Getting in Shape before a ski trip

Snowboarding or skiing trips will require quite a lot of energy and will leave your muscles sore. This is probably something you can’t avoid. The better physical shape you’ll have, the longer you’ll be able to last on the slopes and enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t require any specific training to prepare for a ski trip. If you have a mountain near you, it’s good to ride couple of times before going the high mountains. Also do any kind of regular physical activities couple of months before the trip like jogging, gym, cycling or anything similar that you prefer. That will get your endurance levels up and you will thank yourself once on the mountain.

Of course while skiing or snowboarding you will choose your own amount of time that you are able to spend on slopes. But it’s always nice to prove yourself that you can do more that expected. Continue reading