The Bachelor Loop Has More Abandoned Towns Than Any Other Colorado Road

With its fascinating mining and railroad history, Colorado is chock-full of beautiful, must-see ghost towns and abandoned treasures. With so many to choose from, however, it may be hard to decide which to visit, which is why we are thrilled to introduce you to a single road that passes through many of these historical gems: the Bachelor Loop in Colorado.

Have you had the opportunity to explore the Bachelor Loop in Colorado? We would love to see your pictures and hear about your experience in the comments! While you are in the area, be sure to also check out You’ll Never Run Out Of Things To Do In This Tiny Colorado Town.

Address: Creede, CO 81130, USA


October 23, 2020

What are the best road trips to take in Colorado?

Colorado is a vast state filled with all kinds of wonders to explore, and some would argue that the best way to travel is by embarking on a good ol’ fashioned road trip. There are endless road trip itineraries that will showcase the best of Colorado, from its stunning landscapes to its bizarre and downright quirky roadside attractions. We’ve put together a series of road trips, such as our waterfall road trip through Colorado, our ice cream lovers road trip, and even an abandoned places road trip that will take you to some seriously spooky destinations. Can’t choose? Read our article about the best road trips you can possibly take in Colorado for endless options. Happy travels!

That’s the most scenic road in Colorado?

If you’re looking for loads of scenery at every turn, take the Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park. This 164-mile trip will showcase the exquisite and breathtaking scenery of Colorado’s most famous national park. Some must-see stops along the way include Medicine Bow Curve Overlook, Rainbow Curve Overlook, and Forest Canyon Overlook. You should also be aware that portions of the road close in the winter due to snow and inclement weather, so always visit the Rocky Mountain National Park website before embarking on your trip.

Does Colorado have any ghost towns?

As you might have guessed from reading the above article, Colorado is positively filled with abandoned ghost towns. These landmarks tell the story of days gone by, offering a chilling yet important insight into the state’s history. Some of the most famous abandoned ghost towns in Colorado include Independence, St. Elmo and Tin Cup, Vicksburg, Animas Forks, Teller City, Ashcroft, and Carson. Are you curious to learn more about these places? Read our article highlighting some of Colorado’s most intriguing ghost towns and see what you think.


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