The Coolest Visitor Center In Utah Is Filled With Dinosaurs

Located near the Utah and Arizona state line is the small town of Big Water. Home to approximately 475 people, this town is known for being close to incredible outdoor attractions like the Wave at Coyote Buttes, Paria Rimrocks Toadstool Hoodoos, and Lake Powell. But, there is another destination that is often overlooked near Big Water — the Big Water Visitor Center. This may be one of the coolest visitor centers in southern Utah as it takes you back in time — far, far back in time.

For more information on the Big Water Visitor Center, check out the Bureau of Land Management website.

Have you ever stopped by the Big Water Visitor Center in southern Utah? What did you think about this destination? Let us know in the comments. And if this is a stop on a road trip through southern Utah, make sure you are prepared with the right snacks and any other items for a long trip.

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