The One Site In Wyoming That Changed The Course Of History

Oh, if this rock could talk, the stories it would tell. This rock is probably one of the most heartwarming and heart-wrenching historical records still in existence today. It is a memorial to those who were bold and brave enough to attempt a journey that would change their lives and the course of the nation. It is definitely a site in Wyoming that changed the course of history.

Henry Frederick gifted Register Cliff to the State of Wyoming in 1932. The site is open to the public thanks to the generosity and foresight of the Frederick family.

Register Cliff truly is a site in Wyoming that changed the course of history.

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Address: Register Cliff, Wyoming, USA


June 12, 2021

Wyoming history that you should know about

The Cowboy State is not only a gorgeous place to live, but it has a captivating story to tell. Wyoming history is fascinating and filled with pages of cool facts and trivia. For example, did you know that Wyoming is home to the first national park in the United States? Also, women in the Cowboy State were the first in the country to obtain the right to vote.

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What are some interesting landmarks in Wyoming?

As you cross the Cowboy State, you can visit many landmarks from the Oregon Trail. From the late 1830s to the 1890s, thousands of travelers trekked across Wyoming on their way to various locations such as Oregon, California, and Utah. Today, you can visit some of these historic landmarks in Wyoming such as Fort Laramie and The Parting of the Ways. Ayres Natural Bridge, a remarkable natural bridge, was also one of the first roadside attractions in Wyoming.

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What are some unique attractions in Wyoming?

While there are dozens of popular tourist attractions around the Cowboy State, there are also some that Wyoming residents and out-of-state guests may call bizarre and a little weird. For example, the famous Antler Arch in Jackson and Afton is worth a visit to see. The World’s Largest Jackalope in Douglass will also require a second look. Here are 12 of the weirdest attractions in Wyoming that you definitely need to check out.


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