The Ultimate Idaho Waterfalls Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

You already know that Idaho is home to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the country, which not only tops Niagara Falls in height, but is so epic during peak runoff that it has been ranked as one of the top ten waterfalls in the entire Pacific Northwest. But did you know that despite our desert climate the Gem State also ranks near the top of the country in terms of waterfall numbers? We have over 60 officially recognized falls scattered across our the state, as well as a plethora of others that are undocumented and unmeasured. Experiencing all of them would make quite the bucket list, which is why they deserve at spot on our Southern Idaho waterfalls road trip!

Southern Idaho is particularly rich with breathtaking waterfalls, courtesy of the Snake River and its tributaries. But, because of Idaho’s sheer size and the massive territory covered by the Snake River Plain, it seems waterfall hopping isn’t all that easy in the Gem State. Right?

At Idaho Only, we found the vast and all-knowing Internets to be loaded with pages and pages of waterfalls to see in our beautiful state. To keep things manageable, we’ve chosen seven waterfalls in the lower third of the state — all with relatively easy access — and compiled them into this handy guide for your next weekend adventure. The total trip is a bit over 400 miles with an estimated drive time under 11 hours round-trip; you can see the full Google Map here.

If you’ve got a weekend to spend experiencing some of Idaho’s greatest natural wonders, we’ve got the info you need. Check it out, and let us know which one you’re most excited about visiting!

Please note that the Google map provided may not represent the best way to get to these falls, but rather to the trail-head or nearest scenic byway. Pay careful attention to the additional directions and links provided to ensure your first waterfall vacay goes as smoothly as possible!

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