These 4 Trails In Montana Will Lead You To Extraordinary Ruins

If you live in Montana, a passion for hiking (or at least being outdoors) is a must. We’ve got paths for people of all skill levels, and some of them even come with their very own history lesson. On days when you’re feeling a little adventurous, here are four hiking trails in Montana that lead to ruins.

Do you enjoy hiking trails in Montana that lead to ruins? Let us know of any others you enjoy in the comments. Each one of these trails is under five miles in length, meaning even beginners can complete them in a day.

Address: 3401 Coburn Rd, Billings, MT 59101, USA
Address: Polaris, MT 59746, USA
Address: Garnet Ghost Town, Drummond, MT 59832, USA
Address: Divide, MT 59727, USA


April 27, 2021

What are some other unique hiking trails in Montana?

Within Glacier National Park is an amazing hiking trail that begins at the Jackson Glacier Overlook and is nine miles in length. The Florence Falls hike isn’t for novices due to some steep areas and length, but if you are able to do it, then you will be rewarded with views of a waterfall cascading over a series of rocks like a watery staircase. There’s no other hike in the state quite like this one. For a shorter one-of-a-kind hike, take the Milwaukee Railroad Tunnel near Butte which is two miles long and easy enough for most to enjoy. Along the way, you’ll have fun hiking through two historic railroad tunnels which makes this a fascinating hike.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Montana?

With numerous abandoned places in the state, there are certainly some you can visit. If you decide to visit the ghost town in Garnet, there’s an abandoned cemetery about four miles away you can stop at and see the old grave markers. Sand Park Cemetery dates all the way back 1896 and the last burial was done in 1914. Many of the graves here are actually unmarked and some were sadly disturbed during road construction. One ghost town you can visit is Elkhorn which was once a mining town that can be reached via the six-mile Crown Peak Trail. The town originated in the late-1800s but an epidemic and price of silver dropping caused its decline. It’s worth seeing if you can do this hike!

What are the most haunted places in Montana?

If you love visiting haunted locales around Montana, you may be interested in taking our Haunted Road Trip To Visit Some Of The Spookiest Places. Along the way, you will stop at The Lobby Bar which is considered the state’s most haunted building. This place is visited by many paranormal investigators who try to contact some of the 12 ghosts that reportedly live here. The trip ends at the original governor’s mansion in Helena which has reports of doors opening on their own and disembodied footsteps. Creepy!

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