This Colorado Geyser Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever See For Free

Old Faithful. The Valley of Geysers. El Tatio. The world is full of these incredible natural hot springs, which send boiling hot water and steam shooting upward in an impressive column; however, did you know that Colorado is home to one, too? If you have yet to hear about or visit this amazing place, it’s time to (hot) spring into action and check out this awesome free attraction:

To get an even better visual of the Geyser Spring Trail, check out this video from Nature Girl:

Since you’ll be visiting the San Juan National Forest, you will want to check out this other utterly gorgeous forest in Colorado. Have you been to these places? Let us know how it was in the comments.

Address: Geyser Spring, Colorado 81323, USA


January 08, 2023

What are the best bucket-list natural attractions in Colorado?

The best bucket-list natural attractions in Colorado include:

  • Rifle Falls. These are three waterfalls in a row and they are absolutely beautiful. It just takes a lot of hiking to get to them.
  • Garden of the Gods. Perhaps one of the most popular natural sites in the state, it’s for a good reason. This place is one of the most stunning things you’ll see.
  • Hanging Lake. Located at Glenwood Springs, the waters here are a bright turquoise and it looks like a pond from a fairy tale.
  • Lizard Lake. This is a place that seems to jump right out of a Bob Ross painting and into the world. It’s that beautiful.

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What are the most incredible natural attractions in Colorado?

The most incredible natural attractions in Colorado include:

  • Devil’s Causeway. This is a rocky peak that is a bit risky to hike, but the views from its 12,000-foot elevation are spectacular.
  • West Maroon Pass. If you’ve ever wanted to see vast fields of colorful wildflowers, this is certainly the place to go.
  • Boulder Creek. This is the best place to spend a lazy day tubing down the creek and it runs for 32 miles.
  • San Isabel National Forest. There is a natural rock waterslide here that is great fun for the entire family and is in beautiful surroundings.

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What are some hidden-gem natural wonders in Colorado?

Some hidden-gem natural wonders in Colorado include:

  • Dinosaur National Monument. With over 800 paleontological sites, this is a wonderful place to explore. You might even find a new fossil!
  • Mount Evans. Take a drive up the highest-elevation paved toad to some of the most amazing views that you’ll ever see.
  • Last Dollar Road. When you want a scenic drive, it’s hard to beat this one, especially in the fall when you’ll view a sea of color.
  • Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. You can find insect and leaf fossils here that date back 34 million years!

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