This Dreamy Train-Themed Trip Through Idaho Will Take You On The Ride Of A Lifetime

Most Americans harbor a nostalgic dream to “see the country,” and the romanticized notion of exploring even our own scenic state by rail would be a wish come true for many Idahoans. While passenger trains in Idaho are no more – save for a lone Amtrak stop in our Panhandle – railfans and nostalgic train-lovers alike can indulge in railroad whimsy with this easy road trip to some of Idaho’s most unique train depots, train restaurants, and train-themed businesses.

As part of the Old West, the Oregon Short Line, Union Pacific, Pacific Idaho Northern, and many other railroad lines had stops in Idaho. These trains would bring in miners and loggers searching for new ways to make a living, along with new settlers hoping for a place to call home. Together, they give Idaho quite the railroad history! Many of the train stations remaining today have been converted into museums, which means this trip is educational and perfect for the whole family as well – and it’ll take you all the way from Southern Idaho to the top of the Panhandle.

Whether for the history, the architectural beauty, or the unforgettable memories, this is sure to be an unforgettable road trip! Check out the Google Map here.

What do you think? Ready to make Idaho’s rail culture and unique history come alive? Fortunately, just about every town in Idaho has its own unique train depot, often with an included museum, so you can tailor this road trip to your budget, availability, and location. Enjoy!

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