This One Hike In Oregon Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Emerald green forestry, crystal clear mountain streams, beautiful canyons and 10 enchanting waterfalls—this amazing hike in Oregon is absolutely one of a kind.

Silver Falls State Park is the largest state park in Oregon, and it’s home to one of the most incredible hiking trails in the country: The Trail of Ten Falls. As its name suggests, this forest trail passes by 10 gorgeous waterfalls and countless amazing viewpoints. What’s even more unique is that the trail will take you BEHIND four of the waterfalls to give you a close-up, unforgettable view. Beginning at the South Falls Lodge Trailhead, this year-round 8.7 mile loop is perfect for families, friends or solo hikers that want to spend the day surrounded by majestic waterfalls and stunning scenery.

Have you been on this hike before? What did you think? What are some other unforgettable hikes in Oregon? Let us know in the comments.


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