Visit Hug Point Falls In Oregon, A Hidden Gem Beach That Has Its Very Own Waterfall

Here in Oregon, we have glorious waterfalls and breathtaking beaches, but you generally don’t find these two wonders together. Generally. But this is Oregon we’re talking about, a place of almost incomprehensible natural beauty. So of course, if there’s a waterfall beach that exists, you know you’ll find it in Oregon! And that’s exactly what awaits at Hug Point Falls, a winsome waterfall that’s located on its very own Oregon beach.

Have you been to the Hug Point Falls before? Did you know about this waterfall beach in Oregon? Learn more and plan a trip to this hidden treasure by visiting the Hug Point State Recreation Site.

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Address: Hug Point State Recreation Site, Beach Access Rd, Arch Cape, OR 97102, USA

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