Explore Nez Perce Country In Idaho By Horseback With A Guided Experience From Nez Perce Tourism

One of five federally recognized tribes in Idaho, the Nez Perce (or, the Niimíipuu) have inhabited the Pacific Northwest for at least 11,500 years. They’ve lived on lands from the western shores of Oregon and Washington all the way to the high plains of Montana. In Idaho, their current tribal lands can be found all across the north-central region of the state, primarily in the Camas Prairie region. This is a beautiful area of Idaho and now you can see it like never before with an exclusive guided tour from the Niimíipuu people. This horseback tour lets you enjoy the beauty of Niimíipuu country up close, and it’s also a fascinating insight into the Niimíipuu culture that’s lasted for thousands of years.

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